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    Hotline: 0523-84814391
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    About Us Current Location:Zhengyang air conditioningHome  >  About Us
    Jiangsu Zhengyang Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is located in the emerging port city-Jingjiang City, east of the open port city Nantong, west of the Guangjing Expressway, south of the Yangtze River 10,000 tons of marine wharf, north of Ningtong Expressway, land and water traffic convenient, good operating environment.
    The company sets design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance as one of the air-conditioning professional production enterprises, mainly produces and manages combined air-conditioning units, fan coil units, fresh air exchangers, surface coolers, stainless steel surface coolers, cabinet air-conditioning units (fresh air units), fan products, air outlets, diffuser, efficient Filter air outlet, air flow control valve, fire exhaust valve, muffler, static pressure box, surface cooler, aluminum foil ventilation hose, water baffle, bag filter, stainless steel series, vibration reduction series, dust collector, shutter, and other products. Widely used in machinery, chemical industry, light textile, metallurgy, electronics, food, hotels, hotels and other industries, products sold well throughout the country. And has been highly praised by the majority of users. The company has sophisticated technical equipment, advanced production equipment and production technology, a variety of testing equipment, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, a strong mechanized production line-up.
    The company also continues to research and develop new products to meet market demand. We always adhere to the "quality of survival, innovation and development, integrity and cooperation" business philosophy, dedicated to serving you. Warmly welcome new and old customers to inquire and order.

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    Add:No.9,deYuRoad,ChengnanPark,Jingjiang,Jiangsu,ChinaTel:0523-84814391 Fax:0523-82859386
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