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    Sand blinds (manual and electric)

    Release:Zhengyang air conditioning | Time:2018/8/20 10:52:25
    LBC series of aluminium alloy blinds
    LBC series aluminum alloy blinds are made of unique high strength rare earth aluminum alloy profiles. The profiles are treated by aging oxidation. All the mechanical properties of the profiles have reached international standard iso6326, Japanese standard jiah410, American astmb255 606375, national standard gb/t5237 - 93 and gb/ t8013, with elegant color and corrosion resistance. The company can also handle the aluminum alloy blinds according to the requirements of the users, and further enhance the corrosion resistance of the blinds to meet the needs of various occasions. The blinds have the advantages of simple structure, good rain proof, good wind proof, light weight and easy installation. It adopts imported high quality actuator as drive element to adjust smoothly, reliably and without noise. It can be widely used in power plants, metallurgy, chemical plants and gymnasiums, cinemas and other large buildings to avoid rain, ventilation and air flow.

    In addition to the advantages and functions of rain proof blinds, this window has the function of dust collecting and dust collecting, which provides a reliable guarantee for ventilation in the area with large wind sand.

    Heat preservation and regulation blinds
    1. use features
    Three layers of sand protection and thermal insulation shutters, mainly suitable for cold desert areas, ventilation: thermal insulation requirements of the power plant steam engine room, boiler room and control building, it consists of vertical sand control blades, internal regulation (closed) blades, sand drainage and drainage framework and electric actuator molybdenum. The interior is equipped with a single layer of plastic steel or aluminum alloy, and it also plays a more important role in indoor heat preservation. It provides more ideal products for the sand prevention, rain prevention, ventilation regulation and heat limiting heat preservation in the above cold desert areas.
    2, model wrapping method

    3. specifications
    3.1 hole size unit: mm
    Wide x high x thick =B x H x W
    Among them, B=n x 37.5+90 n is an odd number of no less than 9
    500 < < H < 2200
    W > 160
    3.2 blinds size unit: mm
    Wide x high x thick =b x H x W
    Among them: b=B-10 h=H-10 W=160-240

    4. the characteristics of the structure:
    4.1 the thermal insulation windows must be matched with aluminum alloy shutters and installed inside the louvers.
    4.2 the heat insulation window is made of plastic steel or aluminum alloy material, and the opening window is fixed by positioning parts.
    4.3 insulation window size is generally not more than 600 x 1200 (H), its thickness is 50, 60 two specifications, selection should ensure that the thickness of the blinds combined with the thickness of the wall, when the wall thickness is 240mm, the thickness of the window and the thickness of the insulation window should be less than the thickness of the wall 240mm.

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