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    Release:Zhengyang air conditioning | Time:2018/8/20 11:01:50

    I. characteristics and applications of centrifugal duct fans (GDF Series)
    GDF series centrifugal pipe fan is a kind of forward multi airfoil centrifugal fan. This product has good performance, smooth operation, low noise, reasonable and compact structure, convenient installation and square outlet. It can be used as a substitute for foreign products of the same kind.
    Two. The model description of the centrifugal pipe fan (GDF Series)

    Three. The use of centrifugal pipe fan (GDF Series)
    The centrifugal pipe fan (GDF Series) can be used in hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, singing and dancing halls, auditorium, colleges and universities and scientific research units, as well as ventilation and ventilation in industrial and civil buildings.
    Four. The structure of centrifugal pipe fan (GDF Series)
    The impeller is made up of a number of forward arc aluminum alloy blades, front and rear plates, all made of mechanical moulds, and verified by static and dynamic, stable and reliable operation, and has good aerodynamic performance.
    The housing is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel plate, welded by mechanization and mold welding. The structure is firm and reasonable and compact. The motor bearing is made of galvanized by mechanical mould.
    The motor is used to support the external rotating motor with single support. The impeller is fixed on the motor housing. The support end of the motor is fixed on the motor support. The motor support is fixed on the top plate of the machine shell, and the impeller is directly driven by the motor shell.
    Five. Use conditions of centrifugal pipe fan (GDF Series)
    The types of gas transported: air and other unnatural. No corrosive, harmless gas to the human body.
    Impurities in gases: no viscous substances are allowed in the gas, and the dust and hard particles are greater than 120mg/m.
    Gas temperature range: -20 C -80 C
    Centrifugal pipe fan (GDF Series) only used in the indoor installation, and should be installed according to the main view of the sample, not upside down installation, no side erect installation, otherwise it will affect the service life of the motor. For outdoor installation, the rain protection measures must be considered.
    Six, design and selection of centrifugal duct fans (GDF Series).
    The duct fan belongs to the forward multi airfoil centrifugal fan, and its noise is much lower than that of axial fan under the same air volume and partial pressure. The air volume, wind pressure, noise and other parameters of this series of fans are put forward according to the practical needs of many projects, and are widely applicable to the air supply and exhaust systems in public places.
    The arrow on the top surface of the fan housing is marked with the wind direction, which can avoid reverse installation and ensure normal operation of the sending and exhausting system.
    When the low temperature air is transported, it may cause the outer surface of the casing and pipe to be exposed, the insulation layer should be designed.
    The noise of the fan is the rated air volume. When the wind pressure is not connected to the air pipe, the average measured at one meter from the inlet is equipped with inlet and exhaust pipes, and the noise will be attenuated. For noise demanding occasions, noise elimination elbow or muffler should be installed on intake and exhaust pipes.
    The power supply wiring diagram of the single-phase (200V) motor is installed in the fan power supply terminal box.
    When the fan is running, the vibration is small. Generally, no vibration reduction measures are needed. If the design considers it necessary, vibration damping rubber or damping spring can be applied to the fan support.
    Performance parameter table of centrifugal pipe fan
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