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    Tunnel jet fan (SDS Series)

    Release:Zhengyang air conditioning | Time:2018/8/20 11:01:02
    1. Principles and characteristics of tunnel jet fans (SDS Series)
    1. SDS series jet fan is an axial flow fan, which is suitable for longitudinal ventilation of railway and highway tunnels, and can also be used for other similar ventilation occasions.
    2, SDS series jet fan is usually suspended in the top of the tunnel, can be arranged vertically in series, and can also be arranged in parallel in the same section of the tunnel. It does not occupy the traffic area and is convenient to install.
    3. When the tunnel jet fan (SDS Series) works, a part of the air in the tunnel is inhaled from the inlet of the fan and is ejected from the air outlet of the fan by the high kinetic energy. The airflow from the tunnel sends the energy to the remaining air in the tunnel, pushing the direction of the injecting gas in the tunnel to exclude the tunnel. When entering fresh air, reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide in the tunnel, and improve the visibility of the tunnel.
    4. For a one-way traffic tunnel, the air flow direction of the jet fan is the same as that of the driving direction. For the two-way traffic tunnel, the direction of the ventilation is determined by the size of the two direction of the vehicle flow.
    5. The impeller with optimized design has good aerodynamic performance, large flow rate and high efficiency.
    6, the location of the rotating parts through accurate dynamic balance, smooth operation (impeller balancing accuracy G less than 4.0mm/s).
    7. Fan steel structural parts are all treated by anticorrosive treatment, and other anticorrosive materials may be selected under special circumstances.
    8, the fan can operate continuously at the temperature of -25 C ~40 C, and allow for short time operation under high temperature (greater than 250 C).
    Two. The shape and structure of the tunnel jet fan (SDS Series)

    Three. The use of the tunnel jet fan (SDS Series)
    The tunnel jet fan is also called the SDS tunnel jet fan, tunnel fan and jet fan. It is widely used in the practical use of water conservancy dam, highway, railway, subway and other tunnels.
    Four. The installation dimensions and performance parameters of tunnel jet fans (SDS Series).
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