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    Vertical new air ventilator(XHLSeries)

    Release:Zhengyang air conditioning | Time:2018/9/20 15:26:21

    High efficiency and energy saving new air ventilator
    Clean up indoor air pollution and create a healthy living environment
      In order to meet the requirements of two aspects of comfort and technology, modern rapid construction has introduced the air conditioning system. However, the adverse effects of the poor indoor air quality caused by the shortage of new phoenix or poor ventilation are becoming more and more obvious: the harmful gases and biological pollution produced in the room can not be diluted and replaced reasonably, and the CO, the content rises and leaves, and the symptoms of various respiratory diseases occur. Health, energy saving, simple lift, reliable new wind system and equipment have become the focus of building, air conditioning design and users. A series of new air ventilator is born to adapt to the above requirements. The unit has removed the cold and heat treatment equipment, the heat recovery rate is 70%, to a large extent, reduce the operating costs, realize the environmental protection and the efficiency of energy saving in a series of unified gas converter, associated with you healthy life!

    Bi-directional ventilation
      Indoor and outdoor gas replacement.
    Mute design, safe and reliable
      Built in low noise external rotor centrifugal fan, the unit wall is covered with new sound absorbing material, running smoothly and low noise, preventing interference from the scene. The whole machine has no moving parts except the fan, almost no maintenance. It can ensure long-term and stable work.
    Recovery function
      Built-in static heat exchanger, the maximum recovery efficiency of more than 70%, cold and hot load (room temperature > not affected by the new wind color, the size of the new wind to reduce the energy needed to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.
    The variety is complete and the application is simple
      A variety of models, suitable for the 15-1500m2 building unit, integrated structure, built-in heat exchanger, double fan, filter, only need to connect the power supply and air duct can be used.
    Filtration and purification function
      The air entering the room is filtered through a professional filter in the unit, effectively preventing dust and harmful substances from entering the room and keeping the indoor air fresh. At the same time, the electrostatic purifier, negative ion generator, and photocatalyst can be used to purify the equipment.
    Low cost and high efficiency
      Instead of setting up the new wind, it does not have to set up the machine room. It can reduce the equipment investment and speed building area by using heat recovery technology to save energy and reduce consumption. It saves more than 30% of the energy consumption of the new wind treatment, without cold source, the integration structure reduces the maintenance work, and saves the artificial cost.

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