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    Air curtain of natural wind

    Release:Zhengyang air conditioning | Time:2018/5/27 9:13:42
    The air curtain machine is installed in the supermarket, theater, hotel, hotel, hotel, conference hall, cold storage, operation room and home and so on. It can start the machine to separate the indoor air from the dust. It is convenient to enter and out, and can prevent the exchange of cold and hot air indoors and outside.
    At the same time, it has the functions of preventing odor, preventing pollution and preventing mosquitoes and flies. At present, the air curtain machine has been widely used in electronic, instrument, pharmaceutical, food, precision processing, chemical industry, shoe making, service, business and other industries, which have made a good business environment for many businesses.

    The wind curtain machine is a powerful air current generated by a high-speed motor to drive a cross flow or a centrifugal wind wheel to form an invisible curtain. It will divide indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature areas to create a comfortable indoor environment, keep indoor air conditioning and purifying indoor air, save electrical energy, and make air circulation, effectively isolate dust, smoke, odor, insects and microbes. To prevent the cold (warm) gas outflow, it can save electricity and prevent the cold (warm) gas outflow effectively, and divide the indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature regions. In the long time operation of the air conditioner, the auxiliary cycle adjusts the temperature to achieve the purpose of saving energy and improving the environment.
    Air curtain machine produces high speed airflow to form a protective door, which can effectively prevent outdoor dust and flying insects from invading and keep the room clean. The air circulation system of smoke control and harmful gas can make all corners of the room strongly obstruct the floats of the spice of oil, industrial waste gas and automobile exhaust into the room. The air circulation system function of the air curtain machine reaches the balance of the indoor temperature when the air conditioning energy is not evenly distributed in the gymnasium, the cinema, the entertainment place and so on.

    Heat insulation function
    Air curtain machines are mainly used in places such as restaurants, shops and entertainment places where customers are often in and out of doors. This can maintain the indoor cold and warm air temperature with the efficiency of 60-80%. It will only allow a slight change in temperature.
    Insect proof function
    It can be found that most annoying insects are unable to pass through the wind curtain wall. This will make it easier to maintain hygiene in fruit counters, fast food restaurants and other places.
    Heat making function
    Wind curtain machine also has electric heating air curtain machine, generally PTC heating. There is also a hot air curtain machine. These two wind curtain machines can raise the temperature of the inlet and outlet, which is generally used in the north. The lifting temperature ranges from 30 degrees to 60 degrees.
    Dustproof function
    If an air curtain machine is installed in a precise machinery factory or in the lobby of a food store or a clothing store facing a bus road, it can effectively shield the dust outside and keep it clear at the level of 60-80%.
    Fresh-keeping function
    Air curtain machine can prevent strange smell from the machinery like chemical laboratory or store storage and frozen meat. And it can stop the harmful gas from the outside of the car. In how to prevent air conditioning cold, hot gas outflow, the experts put forward suggestions: the air curtain machine and air conditioning combined with the organic use, can effectively solve the air conditioning cold, hot gas outflow of these problems.
    Negative ion function
    Make active oxygen, improve lung function, promote metabolism, improve sleep, germicidal, make fresh air, smoke and dust, prevent myopia, static electricity, prevent hair fork.
    At present, all natural air curtain machines of mainstream air curtain machines start with FM. FM1209 or FM1509, in which "FM" is the "wind curtain", "12" and "15" means the diameter of the wind wheel (the larger the diameter of the wind wheel is, the older the 09 diameter is, the height is generally 1.8-2.5 meters, and the height of the general need to install the blinds is also higher, and 12 or 12.5. " The small wind is equivalent to 09 of the normal wind, so the 09 is gradually eliminated. The last two numbers represent the length of the windscreen (such as 09 for 0.9 meters, 12 for 1.2 meters). For the length of the air curtain machine, the letters in the back are usually the names of the different families. Compared with natural wind screen machine, hot air curtain machine or hot air curtain machine mostly start with RM.
    Generally, it is calculated that the cold air of the door invades the load. Then the impeller shape and impeller diameter of the air curtain machine are selected according to the size and height of the door.
    According to the width and height of the door, we will combine the local air temperature and wind to select the wind screen with the width of the door. The door is high to mediate the air supply type of the wind curtain machine. The door is more than 3 meters high, the centrifugal type is adopted, the flow type is lower than 3 meters, and the gate width can be used in the 2000mm, and it can also be used in one of the 900~1000. The specific specifications of Taiwan 1800~2000 are 900; 1000; 1200; 1500; 1800; 2000; they are also divided into water, steam, electricity and other refrigerants according to the way of refrigeration and heating.
    The air curtain machine is mainly a kind of environmental protection and energy saving machinery. As long as the air curtain machine is installed, it will be able to beat the heat of the people's table in the future and reduce the burden of the air conditioning. At the same time, give a person a clear sense of the feeling.
    Generally, the selection of air curtain machines is better because the air curtain machines are like air-conditioners, which are good and bad. They should be purchased according to their needs.

    model selection
    The selection and application of air curtain machines should be differentiated according to different application places.
    Common air curtain machine
    1, hotel, hotel, conference hall, office building and other relatively quiet places: these places are generally quiet, people have less flow, but the door needs to be open, so in order to effectively limit the temperature of cold and hot air convection and maintain room temperature, the main consideration of the air curtain machine is the height of the door, site safety. Loading conditions and noise. According to the experience, the general door height of these places is less than 2.5 meters, most of them are stainless steel door frames. In order to match the surrounding environment as a whole, the general selection of light and thin ordinary axial flow wind screen with a clean and fashionable appearance is generally chosen.
    2, hotels, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals and other places of large flow of places: this kind of place because the door is more open (generally not less than 3 meters), the flow of people is relatively large, so the choice of large air volume electric hot air curtain machine, due to high power, so if the power supply conditions are limited, and have the central air conditioning hot water conditions as far as possible as possible The water heating air curtain machine is selected, which can fully play the role of energy conservation.
    3. Refrigerators and freezers: such places are more focused on the actual utility of the products. Therefore, large air volume natural air curtain machines can be selected. The effect is very good.
    4, constant temperature storage logistics center: the door of the warehouse logistics center is generally more than 4 meters, so the wind curtain machine of ordinary air volume is difficult to achieve the expected effect, so the large air volume centrifugal air curtain machine is generally chosen, and the height of the wind resistance is suitable for 4.5 meters.
    Special-shaped windscreen
    There are other occasions that ordinary wind screen is difficult to do, but in order to better pursue the effect of heat preservation and energy saving, it will customize some special windscreen according to the actual situation, such as:
    1. The circular arc air curtain machine is applied to revolving door, and the color and material of air curtain machine can be changed according to the needs of actual environment.
    2, because a lot of automatic door door top has installed the induction device, so can not install the air curtain machine again, so we can specially set up different length induction door air curtain machine 3, elevator air curtain machine is specially applied to the elevator door air curtain machine for such field environment.
    Non standard air curtain machine
    The non-standard air curtain machine is also a non-standard size air curtain machine. The size of the standard air curtain machine is generally 0.9 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, and 1.8 meters. If the customer needs a non-standard air curtain machine, it needs to contact the manufacturer to make the custom.

    Functional characteristics
    Create a comfortable indoor environment: the wind curtain machine produces high speed air flow, divides indoor and outdoor into two independent temperature regions, keeps the effect of indoor air conditioning and purifying air, saves the electric energy and promotes the air circulation, and makes the air fresher. Effective isolation of dust, smoke, odor and insects.
    Preventing cold and heating outflow and saving electricity: continuously formed air door, can effectively prevent cold (warm) gas leakage, save electricity, divide into two independent temperature areas, maintain indoor air conditioning and air purification effect, save electric energy and promote air circulation adjustment temperature, and achieve the goal of saving energy and improving the environment. Yes.
    Dust prevention and insect proof: the wind curtain machine produces high speed air flow to form a protective door, which can effectively prevent the outside dust, smoke, odor and insect invasion, and keep the indoor clean.
    Smoke prevention and harmful gas: the air circulation system of the air curtain machine can make all corners of the room strongly obstruct the dispersal of the spicy smell of oil smoke and the harmful gas, such as industrial exhaust, into the room.
    Equilibrium indoor temperature: in the gymnasium, the cinema, the entertainment place and so on, the air circulation system function of the wind curtain machine can be balanced in the indoor temperature when the energy distribution of the air conditioner is uneven due to the large space.
    Improving efficiency requirements
    1, the outside wind (Ce Feng) little place.
    2, indoor cold (warm) is very full and uniform.
    3. The depth of the building is greater than the width.
    4, the width of the air curtain machine is larger than that of the inlet and outlet width.
    5. There is no gap between the installation surface and the air curtain machine.
    6, all imports and exports of the building are installed wind screen.
    7. Where the exhaust fan is used, such as the smoke pump or the exhaust port, a supply fan (back fan) should be set up to balance the positive and negative pressure difference, avoiding the convection and reducing the use effect of the air curtain machine.

    Use of attention
    (1) read the instructions carefully before use, fully grasp the structure, performance and installation, use and maintenance methods of the wind curtain machine and matters needing attention.
    (two) once the fan is found to be defective, it should be stopped immediately.
    (three) regularly remove foreign bodies in the pipes before and after the fans, so as to prevent accidents. They should regularly replace the grease in the transmission parts, and rain protection measures should be taken in the open air.
    (four) when the weather condition changes, the valve should adjust the air volume.
    (five) regularly measure the current of the fan motor. Under normal circumstances, the current measured should be less than the rated current.
    (six) because of the particularity of the air curtain machine, the noise of the new fan will be larger, and it will take a week running in period.

    Installation method
    1, the FM series and the RM series wind screen are the same, as long as the positioning screws are loosened under the front of the fuselage, the body and the bottom board are separated and the floor is firmly fixed on the door frame or wall (if it is fixed not to cause vibration and noise), the body is hung directly on the floor, and the dismantled positioning screws are fixed in the original form. It can be fixed on the floor.
    Note: do not leak the rubber damping parts when the machine is hanging, and the installation of the wind curtain is the same except for the same type. Otherwise, it will cause mechanical jitter and noise, and affect the service life of the machine, and check whether the voltage of the power supply and the cross section of the selected switch wire are in conformity with the installed air curtain machine.
    2. The RM series water heating and hot air curtain machine is installed inside the doors and windows of the doors and windows to prevent the water from freezing in the coil of the heat exchanger.
    3, according to the selection of different heat medium, should be equipped with the corresponding water supply and drainage pipeline, and heat the pipeline to do heat treatment, with hot water as the medium, the lower water, the upper back water, at the exit of the return water or at the top of the dry pipe should be installed automatic vent valve.
    4. When hot water is used as the medium, the softened water is used.
    5, hot air curtain machine before each work, should first discharge the heat exchanger condensate water, or mixed gas, preheating for 10 minutes, then open the hot air curtain machine, when the use of hot air curtain machine, the internal water must be put out.
    6. When working in winter, plumbing and hot air curtain machines require continuous or regular supply of thermal energy to ensure the working state of wind curtain machines.
    7, extend the service life of the motor, do not allow only heat supply, do not start the working method of the fan.

    Cleaning and maintenance
    The indoor water receiving tray is not cleaned for a long time. Viruses will proliferate in wind screen machines and threaten human health. Therefore, the air curtain machine should be cleaned regularly. The air curtain machine is cleaned regularly and used for its use. Cleaning can not be limited to the outer surface, but also to the wind turbine and bearing refueling.

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