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    Swirling tuyere

    Release:Zhengyang air conditioning | Time:2018/8/20 9:59:36
    First, an overview
      Indoor cooling load, constant wind and hot air are often needed according to the changing heat load. The VDP series swirl tuyere can achieve the best air supply effect by adjusting the air supply angle, whether in cooling or heating.
      Because of its large air volume, it can be used for industrial buildings or advanced activities.
      The swirling tuyere can be installed in large public places (such as industrial poles, airports, theaters, banking offices, etc.), and can also be installed at layers above 3.80M (such as meeting slaughter), especially for places where the air temperature range varies from the -10K+ I5K range.

    Two. Structure, size, material
      The YDP series swirling tuyere has four sizes of different sizes. The front outlet is equipped with adjustable blade and diffuser circle, and then with circular nozzle. The adjustment of blade can be accomplished by artificial, pneumatic or electric device. The static pressure box has two kinds of opening or upper opening. The interface is circular and equipped with motor control, and a detection hole is installed on the static pressure box.
      The panel is made of cold rolled galvanized steel, so the flow unit is deep drawing aluminum stamping, and the surface is pure white (RAL9010) paint.
      The static pressure box is a cold rolled galvanized steel sheet.

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