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    Release:Zhengyang air conditioning | Time:2018/8/17 16:27:04

    Product features
    The dehumidifier adopts the most advanced and mature technology, with high efficiency and large dehumidification capacity. Its performance is much higher than that of other domestic or imported assembly machines. 1: remove moisture by direct physical adsorption. Regardless of the surrounding environment, it can control the relative humidity (RH) of up to 1%, and can provide 80M3/H~42 500M3/H standard capacity of the dehumidifier system: 2: the rim of the runner is exclusively fixed with steel ring flange, and the runner strength is much higher than that of the similar products at home and abroad. 3: different types of units are equipped with different types of dehumidifier wheels, which guarantee the uniform wind speed of the rotary wheel, so as to ensure the rated dehumidification and export residual pressure of the various types of units under different operating conditions. 4: because of the patent properties of silica gel or molecular sieve desiccant, it has excellent selective adsorption properties and can selectively adsorb water molecules, and discharge dust and other impurities, so it is not easy to block. 5: the control system adopts PLC control, and has a good operation interface. It can display all kinds of important temperature digitally and highlight the running state of the main components. When a fault occurs, it can automatically diagnose and indicate the type of fault. Its functions include:

    High temperature protection of regenerative air
    Ring blocking alarm and protection
    Regenerative side filter blocking alarm
    Processing side filter blocking alarm
    Accident stopping alarm and protection of runner
    Regenerative air delay control after shutdown
    Fan overload alarm and protection
    Humidity automatic control (providing switch quantity signal to electric heating regenerator)
    Treatment side air inlet temperature display
    Treatment side air temperature display
    Regenerative side air inlet temperature display
    Regenerative side air temperature display

    Working principle
    Types of dehumidification
    1. cooling and dehumidification
    The air is cooled below the dew point and the moisture after condensation is removed. In the dew point
    Standard wheel dehumidifier
    It is valid for the above situation.
    2. compression dehumidification
    The moisture is compressed and cooled, and its moisture is separated. It is effective in small air volume but not suitable for large air volume.
    3. solid adsorptive dehumidification
    Capillary is used to adsorb moisture on solid hygroscopic agent. The dew point can be reduced, but the equipment will also increase when the adsorption area is large.
    4. liquid absorption dehumidification
    The water is absorbed by the spray of lithium chloride solution. Dew point can be reduced to about, but the equipment is larger, and the absorption liquid must be replaced.
    5. adsorbent wheel dehumidification
    The thin sheet of impregnating hygroscopic agent is processed into a honeycomb runner to ventilate. Its dehumidification structure is simple, and the dew point of special combination can reach below -70 degrees Celsius.
    Suitable range of dehumidification
    It has been widely used in various industries all over the world. Our main customers include pharmaceuticals, wastewater treatment facilities, food processing, electronics, medical products, defense application industry and so on.
    Field of processing and production
    Brewing chemistry and petrochemical industry
    Electronic food
    Pharmaceutical film
    Safety glass sandblasting treatment and so on
    Corrosive metal electron
    Food leather
    Precision components for military equipment
    Seed sugar and so on
    Chemical milk products
    Manure tea coffee
    Hygroscopic powder and so on
    The suspension of equipment in the power plant of the defense equipment
    Water treatment plant and so on

    Continuous supply of dry air. Air treatment is a high performance dry dehumidifier with honeycomb type dehumidification runner.
    When the air treated honeycomb wheel is rotating, it keeps repeating the action of hygroscopic regeneration, does not affect the air flow, and continuously provides the dry air with ultra low dew point.
    Honeycomb wheel
    The runner of the dehumidifier adopts the Eco-Fresh CS series all round runner / wheel core, and the Eco-Fresh CS series runner is suitable for various purposes.
    1. EcoFresh wheel metal silicate desiccant used in corrosive environment is synthesized on inorganic fiber substrate to ensure high performance and high corrosion resistance, and can be washed by water.
    2. The EcoFresh hot runner of the hot runner is made of aluminum base material and inorganic fiber substrate, which can provide the maximum sensible heat recovery. The runner is made of alternating plane and corrugated aluminum foil with uniform width. By winding and attaching, the rotary honeycomb foil is formed by a very good, rigid medium, which does not break or deform because of the change of temperature or humidity.
    3. The EcoFresh wheel painting system used in spray painting workshop consumes a lot of energy, so energy recovery becomes an important way to save operation cost in the system. The EcoFresh runner applied to the paint shop can recover the maximum energy. The wheel has been specially designed to ensure that wheels will not be blocked by paint.
    The EcoFresh heat recovery wheel of zeolite coating has high selectivity and almost no cross contamination.
    Dehumidification principle of air treatment
    The system uses a honeycomb type dehumidifier. As shown in the picture, the drive motor rotates the dehumidifier 8~18 times per hour, repeats the hygroscopic regenerative action continuously, thus providing dry air.
    The runner is divided into the hygroscopic area and the regeneration area.  After the moisture in the air is removed from the moisture absorption area, the blower driers the dry air into the room.
    The wheels that absorb the moisture move to the regeneration area, and the recycled air (Wen Feng) sent from the opposite direction will drive away the moisture and make the runner continue to work.
    The regeneration air is divided into steam, natural gas, gas, gas, fuel, electricity and other devices.
    Because of the special performance of the Eco-Fresh CS series full thermal wheel in the United States, the dehumidifier of the golden talent series can be dehumidifying continuously in a large amount of wind and can achieve very low moisture content requirements. After matching, the moisture content of the treated air can be less than 0.0007g/kg
    If the temperature of the dry air is kept stable, the air of the dehumidifier can be cooled or heated by the installation of the air conditioner or heater.

    Characteristics of air treatment
    In the process of product production, the annoyance that moisture brings to the product is perplexing mankind all the time. In the process of applying solid adsorbents to hygroscopic, the adsorbents after wetting are regenerated and dehydrated simultaneously, so that the solid adsorbents are recycled and the whole hygroscopic work can be carried out continuously. It overcomes the drawback that static solid adsorption can not dehumidification continuously and refrigeration condensing dehumidification can not be done at low temperature and low humidity. It can play its characteristic of continuous stability and large dehumidification under low temperature and low humidity. The rotary dehumidifier of Jin Cai Sheng company is developed by using this advanced technology. It has special functions that no one can do. Compared with other dehumidification methods, rotary dehumidifier has its unique characteristics.
    The dry air can be easily obtained with ultra low humidity.
    It can continuously provide dry air with low dew point below 6 degrees below the dehumidification way which can not be realized, and the cost is low.
    Operation and maintenance are simple.
    The structure is simple, the driving part is simple, only the dehumidifying runner, the regenerative heater and the blower can operate, and the dry air can be obtained, so the operation is very simple. In addition, it belongs to dry dehumidification type, no need to add hygroscopic agent, easy maintenance, low operation and maintenance cost and so on.
    The durability is super.
    In clean air environment, the performance of the dehumidifying runner will hardly decrease or deteriorate, and it will run continuously for many years.
    The variety of machines is complete.
    From the standard type of general use to the low humidity type which can get ultra low humidity and dry air, the company has a wide range of machines and is suitable for different conditions of use.
    Because of the use of the molecular sieve hygroscopic agent of the Eco-Fresh CS series full thermal wheel, the dehumidifier is safe, environmental, clean, free of dust and no corrosion, and can also be used for sterilization, especially for pharmaceutical, food, biochemical and other industries.

    1, the manufacture of dehumidification wheel is made of aluminum inorganic fiber base material with temperature over 300 centigrade. After forming a honeycomb shaped wheel by forming mechanism, the silica gel is then coated on aluminum and then, so the dehumidification wheel will not burn and deliquescence and other problems. Because its function of dehumidification is to use physical action instead of chemical action, it will not produce any harmful chemicals.
    2. The dehumidification principle of the wheel type dehumidifier uses the silica gel coated on the wheel to adsorb the moisture in the air on the porous synthetic silica gel, then vaporizes the adsorbed in the hole of the silica gel through the water and gas of the silica gel hole, and forms the high temperature and high humidity air at the entrance of the AC heat exchanger, then the air is formed at high temperature and high humidity. When the heat exchanger has been cooled down by cooling and humid air in the room, condensation water is discharged because of the difference of dew point.
    Overview of air dehumidification: constant temperature and humidity systems, such as modular units, usually have fresh air cooling and Rotary Dehumidification section. When the air is cleaned by the new air filter, the surface of the new air meter is exposed to the surface of the surface cooler. As the surface temperature of the new air meter cooler is lower than the air temperature, the air is cooled and the temperature is reduced. At the same time, the moisture in the air becomes condensed water and is excluded from the condensing pipe, the temperature and water content of the air. All air is then adsorbed and dehumidifying to meet the requirements of low humidity. Finally, all air is controlled by the rear surface cooler or heater, and the air supply is sent out by the air supply machine to meet the required temperature and humidity.
    2. The principle of cooling dehumidification:
    As air is at different temperatures and energies, the moisture that air can hold is different. The moisture content in the air decreases with the decrease of air temperature. When the outdoor air passes through a new air meter cooler, the air is cooled and cooled by the table cold tube. As the temperature decreases, the water vapor in the air condenses gradually and reaches its saturation state. When the dew point of the air continues to decrease, the water vapor in the air becomes condensate and precipitates, thus the absolute moisture content in the air is obtained. To reduce the air, the dehumidification process is realized.
    3. The dehumidification principle of the adsorbent wheel:
    The dehumidification wheel is divided into the processing area and the regeneration area within the dehumidifier section, and the dehumidification wheel rotates slowly at the speed of 8-10 / h to ensure that the whole dehumidification is a continuous process. When the air passes through the processing area of the wheel, the water vapor is adsorbed by the hygroscopic medium in the wheel, and the water vapor simultaneously changes and releases the latent heat. The wheel is gradually saturated because of the moisture absorption of certain moisture. At this time, the treatment air is turned dry because of its own moisture reduction and latent heat release. The air. At the same time, in the regenerative area, the other air passes through a regenerative heater and turns into a high temperature air (usually 100-140 degrees) and through the saturated wheel after the moisture absorption, which evaporates the adsorbed moisture in the wheel so as to restore the dehumidification capacity of the wheel; at the same time, the regenerated air is turned into wet air because of the evaporation of water; after that, the air is converted into wet air. The wet air is discharged to the outdoor by the regenerative fan.
    The main core component of the rotary adsorption dehumidifier is the dehumidification wheel, which is made of glass fiber and heat-resistant ceramic material as the internal support carrier of the wheel, and is synthesized by special effective hygroscopic materials (such as high efficiency silica gel). In this way, the special honeycomb structure of the high efficiency hygroscopic wheel itself can not only guarantee the large surface area of the wheel and air, but also improve the wetting efficiency of the wheel, and increase the moisture absorption capacity. The runner can be cleaned by gas blowing so as to remove some of the mechanical contaminants, such as dust and oil, on the surface of the wheel.
    4. The advantages of combined dehumidification:
    In the case of high humidity and high humidity in summer, the wet load is maximum: at this time, the wet load has two treatment segments at the same time. First, it takes full advantage of the high dehumidification efficiency of the new air cooler under high temperature and high humidity, the characteristics of high dehumidification, the removal of most of the moisture in the air, and the reduction of the temperature of the air; and the efficiency of dehumidification when the cooling efficiency is frozen. When the air is humidifying, the humidity of the air is controlled by the rotary dehumidifier, so that the system can make full use of the advantages of the two dehumidification methods. In other seasons, such as the spring and autumn season, due to the decline of wet load, the temperature of the air after the cold front is controlled by the energy regulation of the refrigeration system, and the wet load is entirely borne by the dehumidification wheel section. The purpose of system cooling and heating is to control the air supply temperature accurately.
    5, the need to pay attention to the purchase of dehumidifier:
    Because of the many technical aspects of the combined dehumidifier, it is necessary to understand the selected components and the whole field application, so as to design and produce reliable products. Now some manufacturers are only based on the receipt and production, and lack the corresponding technical personnel. Full of market, some of the so-called old manufacturers because of fierce market competition in recent years, by virtue of the original good reputation, the use of customers to understand the products, not want to reduce the original profit, at the expense of product quality, to save cost and use low cost unqualified materials, to deceive customers.
    So the customer should fully understand the technical performance of the wheel dehumidifier, the product configuration and the manufacturer's ability before the purchase, and communicate with the professional technicians to choose the product with high cost performance!!!

    Product classification
    According to the use function, it can be divided into general type, cooling type and tempering type.
    Combined wheel dehumidification air conditioning unit
    Multifunction type.
    The general dehumidifier is the dehumidification of the air through the evaporator, which is heated up by the reheater to reduce the relative humidity. The condensing heat of the refrigerant is taken away by the air flowing through the reheater. The air temperature can not be adjusted, and the dehumidifier is only used for heating and dehumidification.
    The cooling type dehumidifier is based on the general dehumidifier, and the condensing heat of the refrigerant is mostly taken away by water cooled or air cooled condenser, and only a small portion of the condensation heat is used to heat the air after the evaporator, and can be used for dehumidifier for cooling and dehumidification.
    The temperature regulating dehumidifier is based on the general dehumidifier. The condensing heat of the refrigerant can be removed completely or partially by the water cooled or air cooled condenser, and the remaining condensation heat is used to heat the air after the evaporator, and the dehumidifier can be adjusted by the air temperature.
    The multifunctional dehumidifier is a dehumidifier with three functions, which are heating and dehumidification (general type), cooling and dehumidification and temperature regulating and dehumidification. The dehumidifier can be dehumidification with the function of heating and dehumidification without the outdoor machine (air cooling) or cooling water (water cooling).
    According to whether there is a fan or not, it can be divided into: conventional dehumidifier and air duct type dehumidifier.
    According to the form of structure, it can be divided into integral, split and integral mobile type.
    According to the applicable temperature range, it can be divided into: A type (ordinary type 18 ~ 38 degrees C), B type (low temperature type 5 ~ 38 C).
    According to the air supply and return mode, it can be divided into: the front return and the front belt, the wind cap type, and the rear return type.
    According to the form of control, it can be divided into automatic type and non automatic type.
    According to special usage, there are new wind type, explosion proof type and so on.

    Maintenance and maintenance
    1. There must be no obstructions in the inlet and outlet of the rotary dehumidifier.
    2. The wheel dehumidifier should be placed in the central position of the interior.
    3, the condenser should be cleaned and kept clean.
    4, the humidity in the air below 30% is too dry and uncomfortable, so the reliable humidity controller is controlled to maintain the range of 50% to 60%. When used, doors and windows are closed as far as possible, so that the dehumidification effect can be achieved indoors. The body should be placed flat, not inclined or horizontal to avoid malfunction or abnormal abnormal sound.
    5, when the surrounding temperature is below 15 C, the water droplets attached to the surface of the evaporator will freeze and reduce the effect of the dehumidifier. If the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees C, the pressure in the system will increase and the compressor overload. At this time the overload protector should cut off the line, otherwise the compressor motor will be damaged. Therefore, the best temperature range of dehumidifier is 15 ~ 40 C.
    6. The water storage in the wheel dehumidifier is overfull. In order to avoid the overflow and wet ground, and when it is necessary to carry the body in the operation, plugged the plug of the power line first and then pour the water in the bucket.
    7. The rotary dehumidifier regularly filters the gas screen (about two weeks) to maintain the efficiency and life of the machine dehumidification.  Clean the gas screen and wash it with water below 40 degrees Celsius. Wash with detergent. After washing the dust, rinse it with water and then put it back into the machine after it is dried. When cleaning the body, wipe it gently with damp cloth; avoid direct water splashing and cleaning, so as not to damage electrical insulation. The surface of the body is sticky and can be washed with soapy water to avoid being sprayed with gasoline, petroleum extract, solvent or spray insecticide, so as to avoid the phenomenon of stripping or discoloring. It is not possible to dig out the internal parts of the machine with thin rods or wires to avoid failures or dangers.
    8, the wheel dehumidifier after moving the best in advance for four to six hours, and then open the machine, because the compressor pipeline in the dehumidifier contains cold coal, after moving, cold coal must go through four to six hours of time to return to the site.
    9, power failure or long-term need not, when traveling, please pull the power cord plug to maintain the machine life.

    Energy saving techniques
    As far as possible the electric appliance is placed in the ventilation position, the electric appliances with standby state, such as color TV, should try to make the electricity in the standby state as far as possible. The internal parts will distribute heat, disperse the tide in the body of the machine, prevent the dehumidifier from the internal components and prevent the damage of the internal components. In addition, the residents who live in the lower layer and have relatively large humidity can best consider buying a dehumidifier to improve the air humidity. If electrical appliances are abnormal, turn off the power immediately and ask professionals to repair them in time. In such weather, the public can put some hygroscopic substances indoors, or use dehumidifiers or air conditioners. Once the weather is fine, we must pay attention to the drying of bedding and pillows and keep the clothes dry. According to the living conditions and dehumidification machine's dehumidification ability to choose, it is according to the area area, layer height, humidity, air circulation, living room, bedroom and study room, which should choose the area of wet machine and dehumidifier to decide the dehumidifier.  Selection is applicable. The dehumidifier is to be fixed or easy to move.  This is taken into account in different regions for different air humidity requirements. In some humid areas, fixed dehumidifiers can be installed, which saves space. Dehumidifier combined with freezing dehumidification, compared with the two, the latter can save 20-30% more than the former. If the user has the conditions of supplying steam, the energy saving effect of this way will be more significant.

    Pay attention to the problem
    Some industrial products should pay special attention to the humidity of products when they are stored. If the humidity exceeds the specified standard, it may cause damage to the goods, such as optical lens, magnetic recording material, instrument, electronic information media, paper, instrument, tobacco, silk, tea and so on. In order to control the humidity well, the wheel dehumidifier will be used to solve this question.  Question. General dehumidifiers can be divided into two types: split wheel type and freezing type. The refrigerated dehumidifier adopts the principle of compressor refrigeration. When the moisture in the air enters the evaporator, it condenses quickly into frost, which will slowly gather into drips and go to the small water port.
    Dehumidifier and air conditioning dehumidification method is different, their main difference is: dehumidification with air conditioning will make the whole room temperature drop rapidly, to achieve the effect of dehumidification, in the sum

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